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G&S Electric Inc stands strong for Arizona Solar

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Rooftop Solar

Last week, the Arizona Corporation Commission held two public open meetings to hear public opinion on APS’s proposal to alter the current structure of net metering for roof-top solar in Arizona. G&S Electric Inc would like to thank the valleys largest installer, Solar City and some of the valleys biggest supporters like and TUSK for the great turn out and information sharing campaigns leading up to the hearings. We were please to see so many electric contractors and roof top solar installers as well as solar advocates express the same message to the commission. Reduction in net metering benefits will decrease consumer demand and hurt local businesses which in turn will hurt our local economy.

Additionally, citizens of Arizona from Bisbee, Tucson, Phoenix, Prescott, and Flagstaff made the effort to testify before the commission that their investment in rooftop solar was primarily encouraged by APS. Many testified that they felt duped by a company who strongly supported new roof top solar incentives and initiatives only to be led into a situation that threatens the benefits promised by APS. Others from across the state came to testify that changes to net metering for rooftop solar caused concern for many homeowners who eventually want to install roof top solar, but are currently unable to do so financially. They testified that the reduction in benefits of roof top solar by minimizing net metering would make it more challenging for them to invest in the future.

Our own Matt Taft participated in the hearing on roof top solar and provided testimony to the commissioners for why G&S Electric Inc., a local electrical contracting company, is opposed to changes in net metering for rooftop solar. Some of his key arguments were that currently only two percent of APS customers are leveraging net metering. The impact to the operations of APS is minimal and there is no real threat or concern of any financial solvency. Matt explained to the commissioners that G&S Electric Inc. uses Made in the USA vendors for its parts when working on installations. G&S Electric Inc. works with local complimenting merchants to support the business needs. From local print shops, to local auto shops, G&S Electric Inc. partners with local merchants and business to help us run our business. Impacting the productivity of G&S Electric Inc. does not just impact one business’ bottom line. It impacts an entire ecosystem of local vendors and merchants who rely on the business we provide them in order to serve our own customers. The impact to local industry by diminishing the growth of rooftop solar has impacts well beyond local electrical contractors and roof top solar installers. Matt asked that for the sake of his family, our business, our employees, and all of the local owned merchants who rely on this industry to reject the claims by APS. We could not be more proud of his professional and caring testimony.

While the commission did agree to a small temporary fixed fee of $0.70 per kilowatt per month, we feel the strong turnout of around 1,000 protestors encouraged the passing of the lower fee instead of the fee hikes requested by APS. For more on the events of last week, check out the coverage provided by here:

Roof Top Solar Wins! -(for now).

Last month, the ACC staff completed their analysis on APS’ request to modify net metering benefits currently received by their customers who have installed roof top solar.

In what is being called a crucial win for roof top solar, the commission states that at this time there is not sufficient cause to modify the current net metering structure. The ACC staff recommendation states that despite a steady decline in upfront incentives, the continued rise is roof top solar installations is evidence that the current net metering structure is sufficient incentive for continued solar energy growth. They suggest that modifying the solar energy rates now for roof top solar customers would remove the industry growth incentive.

The staff memo states that the cost-shift surcharge is unnecessary at this time since a surcharge to prevent revenue loss was agreed upon just last May of 2012. The added surcharge request does more to harm roof top solar customers than it does to benefit all APS customers. Further more, the memo states that the bill credit proposal by APS as a second option is not the same as net metering benefits and is not revenue-neutral. Current users of grid-tied roof top solar will not get the full benefit of providing excess energy to the utility company under this model.

While the rejection of APS’ proposal is a win for roof top solar installations, the ACC staff did provide two alternate recommendations that may avoid legal challenges if the ACC decides it needs to act on the current request. Both alternative options would only affect new customers and come with either a flat charge rate or standby charge. The alternatives still reduce benefits of the current solar net metering options, however not as drastically as that offered by APS. It is important to note that in 2014 APS will be able to have a rate change meeting regardless of how the commission votes this year. While there may be reason for solar customers and installers to celebrate now, this issue will continue down the road.

G&S Electric Inc. is pleased the ACC staff recommends to reject the rate changes currently proposed by APS. However, as a top electrical installer of roof top solar panels and a proponent of photovoltaic energy systems, we strongly urge costumers to install roof top solar options now. It is clear that rate changes will be unavoidable in the future. Installing roof top solar now, may help you avoid net metering rate decreases in the future. Remember that G&S Electric Inc. provides free solar estimates and free solar panel evaluations for your home or office.

Solar is not Political, it is Important

Last month the Phoenix New Times published a report that the President’s non-profit, Organizing for Action, has weighed in on the current Arizona solar energy debate. The non-profit has a link ( for people of Arizona to show support for clean energy in Arizona. The New Times questions if this is a trick for collecting possible donors or a genuine petition for the Arizona Corporation Commission to maintain the current net-metering practices. For certain, when the Arizona Clean Energy form is completed, the next page asks for a donation to the organization. In contrast, the local, heavily republican influenced organization, TUSK ( provides a petition letter directly to the Arizona Corporation Commission, and also has links to contribute to the cause.

The article goes on to point out the differences in voices from our mostly two political party system to the all-republican five member Arizona Corporation Commission. Our concern in hearing this type of rhetoric is that politicizing the issue will push people away from the importance of the topic. Changes in net-metering rates and solar taxes are not beneficial to Arizona no matter what political party you affiliate with.

All Arizonans should speak up now to inform the Arizona Corporation Commission that they support maintaining the current solar net-metering and solar tax subsidies. As a government organization, all of the contact information you need to reach out to the ACC is available on their website, including the public emails of the individual ACC committee. (

G&S Electric Inc. are proud supporters of Arizona’s solar energy industry. We have qualified solar panel installers, top statewide electricians, and a passion for renewable energy. From free solar consultations, roof top solar designs, off grid solar stations, or massive industrial sized solar projects through out Arizona, we are here to support the local solar economy. G&S Electric Inc. supports clean energy not by waving a banner, but by putting solar electricians out in the field. If you are interested in a roof top photovoltaic panel system before changes are made to the net-metering standards, contact G&S Electric Inc. today.

If you do support clean energy in Arizona, we do ask you to make your voice heard, in what ever format you choose!

Let’s Revisit Going Off the Grid and Skipping the Utilities:

Now more than ever is a time to push for a residential off-grid solar power system.

Currently there is a debate between APS and the Arizona Corporation Commission regarding the solar subsidies and net-metering buy back of solar power. A recent article by the Arizona Daily Sun, again points out the amount of conflict and confusing rhetoric in which the current solar debate resides. The article basically acknowledges that there is a cost to maintaining a power grid and that roof top solar should contribute. Then it compares roof top solar owners to cell phone owners who are not required to pay for land line fees? Quite differing statements. As a top solar panel installation contractor in Arizona, let’s just stop at that analogy.

We have seen an economical benefit in Arizona with the influx of newly qualified electrician companies and new solar start up companies all vying for a piece of the pie. We appreciate that about our open market and hope that our 27 years of trusted electrical service guides you to choose G&S Electric Inc. as your roof top solar installer. However, the fact remains that this solar economy could collapse if any changes are made to the current solar subsidy structure. A down turn in Arizona Solar is not good for any one. The solar tax benefits have not been around long enough to develop a sustainable solar market on their own. The utilities could be accused of making a power grab to control solar customers before the solar customer base grows too large and invested. So let’s skip the whole debate and install an off-grid roof top solar system to show APS that we don’t need their utility line.

We have enough solar exposure in the valley of the sun to turn any property into an off-grid solar power system. If you have the ability to invest in solar now, you could be saving yourself tens of thousands in utility fees over the life of your property. Heck, even starting with a small grid-tied solar system now may permit you to be eligible for the proposed grandfather clause, avoiding the change in rates for 20 years. That should be plenty of time for any serious roof-top solar investment to be upgraded to off-grid solar.

While the article we have shared starts with the promising growth of solar panel installations since 2006, the fact is that boom would not have happened without solar subsidies. The article attempts to stay neutral about the Arizona solar debate, however, by stating an issue does exist for APS, they are inherently backing a change in solar subsidies for Arizona home owners. We are not convinced APS has demonstrated a need for changing solar subsidies at this time and feel it’s a non-issue. A quote from the article states that “Fortunately, the dispute appears to come down to negotiable pricing and rates of return, not whether the solar technology itself is viable.” Unfortunately, for most Arizonans this is not true. Without subsidies and fair use rates, the solar economy becomes less viable. Ironically, they mention the erratic rate hikes, market bubbles, and power shortages that came from California a decade ago as proof that changes need to be made? Isn’t preventing those spikes what the Arizona Corporation Commission is charged with doing? So shouldn’t they be trying to prevent the solar rate increase now? Additionally, the electricity troubles faced in California over a decade ago had nothing to do with a boom in a roof-top solar industry.

If you can afford to start an off-grid solar investment, now is the time. Once the Arizona Corporation Commission makes a decision, you could even be charged for switching to off-grid solar if you have any tie in to the system at all!

We are proud to service solar homes all across the valley and the state. We are top notch solar panel installation contractors who have managed large scale solar installations and small start up photovoltaic installations. If you have room on your roof, you could start installing solar panels today and avoid repeated solar use rate hikes and decreased solar panel subsidies as more and more turn away from powerful utility companies.

we gathered some of this information here

A Taxing Labor of Love

September gave G&S Electric Inc. a day off to celebrate our labor of love as top notch solar installers for AZ Solar loving residents and businesses. It is truly a blessing for us Arizona electricians to be able to be an active partner in the process of turning Arizona Solar.

Unfortunately, recent requests from Arizona Public Service may be a major death nail for roof top solar installations. We have been covering the request to modify the current residential solar net-metering structure and some of the questions that should be asked. As a roof top solar installer these decisions could impact our bottom line, as well as the bottom line of our customers.

In a recently published article regarding the future of AZ solar, the solar tax implications to solar home owners are reviewed in detail. In a 3rd party review, the proposal by APS to the “buy all/sell all” method of solar subsidies may essentially remove ALL tax deductible solar benefits. As an AZ solar contractor, this little known implication to roof top solar is very alarming. Essentially, by purchasing all of the solar energy the photovoltaic panels generate and then reselling back the solar energy the roof top solar home owner uses, the homeowner is no longer eligible for the federal solar tax benefits. Since the solar home is acting more like a solar power station, the wording of the solar tax credit makes the homeowner ineligible. In addition, the solar energy sold back to the home owner may have to be reported as taxable income!! Read the link below for more details.

G&S Electric Inc. has installed hundreds of residential roof top solar systems. We have solar installations all over the valley from private business solar needs, to community solar needs. As certified electricians, a vested local business, and champions for AZ solar, we hope the Arizona Corporate Commission makes the right choice for Arizonans.

If you have a comment you would like to share with the Arizona Corporate Commission on the topic, you can file it on their website

To read more about potential implications to solar tax credits, follow the link

APS’s Claim to Fairness, and Fairness to APS


At G&S Electric Inc., part of our electricians with excellent customer service pledge is to keep our customers informed about policies that may impact them. Therefore, this month we have been providing you with highlights and detailed links regarding the recent filing by APS with the Arizona Corporation Commission to either alter net metering practices or add monthly fees to ensure customers who install roof-top solar are paying their fair share of the state electricity grid maintenance. We found an interesting publication about this solar energy issue and invite you to take a closer look at the numbers. The link is below but we will review the solar energy cost and benefit highlights for you.

APS has made a claim that homes with roof-top solar installations are not contributing to their fair share of the cost APS has to upgrade and maintain the power gird. Therefore, in the interest of the public they have requested changes be made. The claim is that those switching to solar power in affordable ways (which is easy with all of the solar subsidies and photovoltaic panel installation credits for solar energy) result in $20,000 costs to non-solar customers. However, as’s reporter Resnik explains in his article “Doing the Solar Math Why $20,000 ‘Subsidy’ Equals Just 19 bucks”
that is a 20 year projected cost and the real number is about 1,000 per year. But wait… There is more…

APS’s claim that the average home solar installation cost of $20,000 really comes down to a figure made by APS that a yearly cost of $1,000 per the 18,000 solar consumers needs to be made up by the nearly 1 million APS customers who do not have solar as an option for home energy. If we stop looking at this as a 20 year cost and look at the yearly breakdown of costs, Resnik explains that the final number is a measly 20 bucks per year. The numbers are big, at roughly 18,000 customers not paying roughly a $1,000 dollars annually that comes to a loss of 18 million per year. However, the off set of the nearly 9.5 hundred thousand customers who are non-solar certainly closes the gap to a figure more around $19.00 per non-solar consumer. Feel free to check the link and if so math inclined, check the numbers as well. Another interesting point of the article is the feedback loop of the media that APS has created around this issue. Apparently the independent ad agency is also tied into APS as well as the statistical analysis being promoted. These are the claims of the author, so we encourage you to read up more to learn about the facts behind the APS filing to change net metering or their desire to increase fees.

We at G&S Electric Inc. are not pro or anti APS. They do good work in the solar industry. In another report, APS shows their commitment to solar with their pilot project in Flagstaff of installing and owning roof-top solar solutions. Covering the full cost of solar installation projects in Flagstaff as mini-power stations, APS has permitted individuals with very little disposable income to receive the benefits of solar energy. They have a pilot program where they essentially rent roof space and install photovoltaic panels on roof tops to test the functionality of high desert solar energy use. It is a great program and commendable. G&S Electric Inc. has no interest in politicizing the issues underway in discussion or demonizing any local utility. We just want to be good electricians serving Maricopa and the community. Take a look at the links, read more if you want, and decide for yourself if the approach and request of APS is best for our state and it’s potential for this emerging economy.

Also, remember G&S Electric Inc. can answer all of your solar questions, or questions about electrical upgrades in general. Even if you already have solar installed but need someone to monitor existing solar panels and solar electric connections, we can help. One of our representatives will be more than pleased to come to your solar home residence or solar commercial property to discuss your solar/electrical options. We are a community based, family owned, local business. We want your local business as well. There may be an impending grandfather clause that could benefit our newest customers who adopt solar energy now. It is a 20 year clause, the same number used in APS’s calculations. If you were on the fence before, and are an APS consumer, perhaps now is the time to start a discussion with G&S Electric Inc. about your Phoenix solar or Arizona solar electricity needs?

APS, Net Metering, and the Future of AZ Solar

Net Metering

Net Metering

Recently the Arizona Republic and AZ Central have reported the news that APS is requesting the Arizona Corporation Commission give them permission to add a fee of $50 to $100 dollars to solar power home owners to compensate for reported losses needed to maintain the power grid. As a top solar panel installer for residential solar homes, G&S Electric Inc. would like to focus on some of the facts behind the conversation.

Solar panels are a great way to offset electricity costs. Home owners installing photovoltaic panels can save lots of money by switching to solar. With solar panel lease programs and solar rebates, as well as lowered costs of solar panels, many home owners are finding ways to install solar options. Most solar installs by G&S Electric Inc. are grid tied solar solutions. Although we do offer off-grid solar solutions to home owners, many find the benefits of net metering (“net metering” is where electrical power credits are provided for excess solar energy fed back into the grid). APS contends that as more home owners are able to switch to solar power, they will loose valuable income needed to maintain the same grid that powers their homes during evening hours when the no solar energy can be provided.

The statement by APS is that as residential solar and commercial solar power systems expand, the access to the grid for off solar use needs to remain fair. APS states their company is one of the premier leaders leveraging solar energy as a renewable resource to meet requirements set forth by the government. They state that roof-top solar customers benefit from 24/7 access to the grid without contributing significantly to the costs to maintain and upgrade the grid. So, APS is looking for ways to manage an increasing solar energy population before they end up in a crisis of not being able to maintain the grid non-solar customers rely on, and solar based homes also use.

APS is asking the Arizona Corporation Commission to review two possible strategies to ensure successful continuous power whether their customers use solar alternative energy resources or the grid from other power installations. The first deals with net metering, where home owners installing solar panels receive a bill credit based on the solar electricity sold back to utility companies like APS. Although the rate is set by the Commission, APS is asking for a rate that more accurately reflects all customers of APS, not just those affected by roof top solar installations. The other request is to increase the down payments for solar leasing or increasing the cash incentives for roof-top solar installations. The concept here is that by paying more upfront costs, the percent of home owners using solar energy will have lowered monthly payments for the use of the photovoltaic panels installed. This means they will have more monthly capital to pay what APS believes is a fair share of the grid use and maintenance fees. They see this option as an offset, the solar promoters pay more upfront costs to offset additional monthly costs added on by APS.

All businesses are responsible to ensure their budgets include enough working capital to maintain existing resources and invest in new resources which will enable that business to grow. APS is no different here than how any other business should be run. If you own a pizza shop, you have to have the best ovens, the best ingredients, and the best customer service in order to be the best pizza shop. At G&S Electric Inc., we hold the same philosophy. We invest in our licensed, bonded, and highly skilled electricians, ensure they are the best trained, we work with the best photovoltaic panel distributors we can find, and do our best to ensure our customers are ecstatic about the solar services offered at G&S Electric Inc. We aim to be the best solar panel installer in Phoenix and for all of Arizona solar needs. APS states that is what their aim is as a pro-solar utility company. G&S Electric Inc., will report more on the facts of the conversation as it unfolds. We would like to point out that the plans for any changes in solar incentives or changes in solar net metering include a 20 year “grandfather clause” to rate increases. If you are considering installing roof-top solar, now may be a great opportunity to contact G&S Electric Inc. to avoid any changes in net metering or solar power incentives.

Take the Heat Off the Grid By Going Solar

ASU Solar

ASU Solar

We are in the depths of triple digit temperatures here in sunny Arizona. In these high temperatures our nations power grid is put to the test more so than any other time of year. Hot weather weakens the electric grid in many ways. Firstly, the increased temperatures decrease the efficiency of the grid by expanding the metal wires that carry electricity to our homes. With higher temperatures, residences and offices rely on power consuming air conditioners that put even more of a strain on the system. Limited power injection points also place higher strain in peak demand temperatures, weakening the voltage our homes receive and placing greater wear and tear on our appliances that depend on that voltage.

Therefore, home owners and commercial property managers who are switching to solar power, are not only benefiting their own energy consumption, they are benefiting others as well. Transitioning to photovoltaic panels to power even a portion of the electricity use can go a long way to lower the burden on our national grid. A grid tied solar power system can also benefit the grid by acting as a power injection point to strengthen the voltage running through local lines.

Leveraging new technologies like solar powered air conditioners, solar powered water heaters, or solar powered washer and drier appliances can also provide a boost to the nations grid. These large electricity demanding consumer appliances place an immense amount of strain on the grid. If all of the homes in the state of Arizona transferred these appliances to solar powered alternatives, our energy prices would surely drop, and the national grid would get a reprieve from such high demand in the hot summer months.

Switching to solar power is not just an altruistic idea. However, photovoltaic panels can provide benefit to the community, even if unintended. It’s an added bonus in converting to a grid tied solar power system. Excess solar energy is fed back into the system, the home solar owner can even receive payment for the solar power return. Even starting with a small photovoltaic panel system can help the home owner save money and unknowingly help prevent power outages by reducing demand.

Solar energy panels can provide your home with plenty of electricity to offset demands and peak energy expenses. Our main concern is how you, the consumer, understands solar energy advantages. A social connection is just one by-product of using solar power. The individual home owner or commercial property manager can benefit in many ways. Solar power energy is a great asset, especially in these hot summer months.

To find out how much electricity you can save by switching to a renewable energy source like solar panels, please contact G&S Electric Inc. for a complete home or office assessment.


Stanford Stands For Solar

G&S Electric

Residential Solar Install

Cost is always a concern for any solar panel installation, regardless if it is a residential photovoltaic system, or a commercial PV power system. Solar panels today are quite affordable and there exist many government solar subsidies, utility solar power buy back programs, as well as solar tax breaks which make converting to solar power an attractive option for any business or home owner.

However, G&S Electric Inc. looks forward to the day when every home owner and business sees solar power not as just a cost investment opportunity, but a profit making opportunity. Grid tied solar systems allow home owners to sell back the excess solar power generated from photovoltaic panels. The panels are large and the efficiencies are the best they can be, but there is an opportunity for improvement in solar panel efficiencies.

G&S Electric Inc., a top solar contractor in Arizona, is always on the look out for the latest breakthroughs in solar technology. The newest breakthrough comes from Stanford University, where scientists have made nano sized materials that can absorb 99% of particular light wave lengths. The work being done at Stanford means that solar panels may surpass the emerging thin film solar options to ultra-thin film solar energy conversion systems, thinner than a piece of paper. By reducing the size of materials needed, technology will allow for the cheapest solar panels to be manufactured.

Solar power is here to stay and it is evolving at a rapid pace. G&S Electric Inc., wants to keep you informed of the latest solar technology that we hope to be installing soon. Imagine having a solar panel thinner than your shingles?

G&S Electric Inc. are a team of top Phoenix electricians and knowledgeable solar electric contractors. We wish to develop partnerships with you, the consumer of solar power energy, and to continue to inform you of options to upgrade the efficiencies of your PV solar system. Imagine owning an off-grid solar energy system that allows you to store almost all of the sun light received. It is coming and G&S Electric Inc. will be installing powerful solar energy systems across the valley. Start using G&S Electric Inc. now as your electrical union contractor and you can be assured that as powerful new solar technology becomes available to market, we will be there to inform you and install the PV solar system that is right for your home or office.

Google Gives Solar A Boost

Residential Solar Install Tempe Arizona

Residential Solar Install Tempe Arizona

Google Gives Solar A Boost

Last month, Google announced it was investing $280 million in residential solar projects.
This is their largest investment in clean energy and by far the biggest step toward promoting residential PV solar installations. The money will be deposited into a fund to assist a major solar panel provider company to work with local solar contractors like G&S Electric Inc., to get more homes transitioned to solar power.

Google has also previously invested $180 million for a large solar power plant in the Mohave Dessert. As a PV solar installer in Phoenix, G&S Electric Inc. has been proud to work with these types of large scale projects at the Tempe Arizona State University campus.

We are also pleased that large global corporations are willing to invest in local solar initiatives. Solar incentives are a big part of the reason why residential solar power installations are so affordable. G&S Electric Inc., one of the best solar electric installers in Arizona, can discuss all of the solar incentives available to you for your home’s PV solar power system. Whether you need to upgrade older solar panels, have your current solar electrical system evaluated for efficiency, or want to have a free solar consultation for your home for a new solar power system, G&S Electric Inc. has the team and the skills to meet your needs.

Please contact us for any solar consultation questions you may have.