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Did you know that ASU has over 66 active solar power installations across all of its four campuses?

G&S Electric Inc., a top solar contractor in Phoenix Arizona, is currently working on Phase 7 of the Arizona State University Solar Initiatives Program. This is an ambitious goal of having 25MWdc of solar power facilities by 2014. Solar panel installations have begun at the ASU Police Department. We are installing PV panels at the [...]

Top of the Charts: Billboard Hits

Advances in LED technologies have given us bright digital billboards that beam out advertisements and information to us all across our nations highways. While the average house hold uses around 11,000 kilowatt hours, some of the more advanced digital billboards can use up to 320,000 kilowatt hours annually. That’s quite a draw from the grid. [...]

A new car? A pool? Or a solar power system?

We all have choices about our next big purchase, but unless you are a classic car collector, buying a new car really is not an investment. Each year the value depreciates while increasing maintenance expense. Yet many of us love the feeling of getting that new toy. It is getting hotter in the Valley of [...]

Buying or Selling a Home with PV Solar

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a well respected and independent research institution, just published its findings from an 8 year study on home sales. Guess what they found out when they compared homes with photovoltaic panels installed and homes without? The homes with photovoltaic solar installations were able to garner a premium, averaging $17,000 more than [...]

What’s it worth to ya?

If you think long standing housing appraisers are equipped to answer this question for you, take a minute to think again. It wasn’t until just last year, January 2012, that the Appraisal Institute officially backed a form of solar valuation tool. While we are pleased the housing appraisal industry is finally looking at how to [...]

Still Day Dreaming about Off-Grid? Here’s a morsel for your solar energy hunger!

As we idealize what it would be like to go off-grid and survive on alternative energy sources like photovoltaic solar panels, we should begin with the right parameters. It can be challenging to transform any structure into a grid-tied solar electrical system. Sun exposure is obviously key. So the challenge of doing an off-grid solar [...]

Preppers Fest

Happy Prepping!! What are you doing the weekend of April 26th-28th? Why not stop by the PrepperfestAZ 2013 Expo and say “hello” to G&S Electric Inc? The PrepperFestAZ Expo will be sharing concepts and ideas for successful disaster preparation including: Education, Community, Permaculture, Animal Husbandry, Ham Radio communications, and Vendors who support the community [...]

Ever Consider Going Off-grid to Keep the Lights On?

With most homeowners typically able to save between 70-100% of their electricity expenses, more are asking about switching to completely “off-the-grid” solar systems. Off-grid solar installations are possible even if you live right under the grid. If you have property far away from the grid, it can be extremely expensive to have a utility company [...]

Imagine Arizona Canals Covered with Solar Panels

Did you know that in 2012 a state sponsored program in India approved a test phase of caping their water canals with photovoltaic panels like the ones that G&S Electric Inc installs? Solar installation panels in the test area only cover about half a mile and provide 1 mega watt of electricity, however, the project [...]