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Solar Wars -State of Scourge

    Does it take an accountant to understand that a 40% decline in any year over year quarter is indicative of a drastic shift in consumer demand? G&S Electric Inc.’s accountant would probably tell you, “No.”   The ACC denied that there would be a negative impact to small businesses like G&S Electric Inc, […]

Solar Siths -Selling the Future of America to Servitude

Arizona is just one of many states that is being sold in servitude to the oligopolies which control our nations wealth and progress. In November 2013, an organization which had began funding campaigns to negatively influence public opinion on roof top solar saw its first victory when the Arizona Corporation Commission fell victim to corruption […]

Solar Panels Exceed Expectations, Lake Havasu City Solar Saves Taxpayers Money

  Lake Havasu City transformed parking lots and retro fit shade structures with photovoltaic panels. The move was part of an effort for the city to become more energy efficient. Four city buildings have now been fitted to run on photovoltaic energy. Initial estimates in transforming parking lots to solar power stations predicted an annual […]

G&S Electric Inc stands strong for Arizona Solar

Last week, the Arizona Corporation Commission held two public open meetings to hear public opinion on APS’s proposal to alter the current structure of net metering for roof-top solar in Arizona. G&S Electric Inc would like to thank the valleys largest installer, Solar City and some of the valleys biggest supporters like and TUSK […]

Buying or Selling a Home with PV Solar

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a well respected and independent research institution, just published its findings from an 8 year study on home sales. Guess what they found out when they compared homes with photovoltaic panels installed and homes without? The homes with photovoltaic solar installations were able to garner a premium, averaging $17,000 more than […]

Preppers Fest

Happy Prepping!! What are you doing the weekend of April 26th-28th? Why not stop by the PrepperfestAZ 2013 Expo and say “hello” to G&S Electric Inc? The PrepperFestAZ Expo will be sharing concepts and ideas for successful disaster preparation including: Education, Community, Permaculture, Animal Husbandry, Ham Radio communications, and Vendors who support the community […]

Ever Consider Going Off-grid to Keep the Lights On?

With most homeowners typically able to save between 70-100% of their electricity expenses, more are asking about switching to completely “off-the-grid” solar systems. Off-grid solar installations are possible even if you live right under the grid. If you have property far away from the grid, it can be extremely expensive to have a utility company […]

Clean Energy News – Arizona-Solar-Electric

Aloha mai e! Join us in celebrating the opening of a 5 megawatt photovoltaic solar farm in west Oahu! If you have ever spent time on the North Shore of Oahu or on any of the islands of Hawaiian paradise we think you will agree that any environmental impact from fossil fuel or nuclear energy […]

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