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Solar Services

Why Solar?

Solar power is clean, safe, renewable, and is more efficient, cost effective, and reliable than ever.  Furthering energy independence, a cleaner environment, stable energy prices, and even putting a little extra money in your pocket is possible with Solar PV Solutions from G&S Electric, Inc.

Our Process

Every G&S client has unique needs and objectives when acquiring a solar electric solution, so we design and install a solar system that best fits your needs. Each project is evaluated to obtain optimal energy output and cost recovery for your specific home or business. Don’t let someone sell you a system that is not properly sized.


We work with businesses and home owners to offer attractive financing plans to maximize the returns of your solar investment.


From small businesses to large institutions, we have the engineering expertise to design, install, and manage solar power solutions that save your organization money and demonstrate your environmental commitment to your customers.


Whether you want to augment your home with a solar backup, or you’re interested in a truly off-grid solution for your cabin – we can tailor a solution for your residence to deliver clean, renewable energy to power all the creature comforts that come with 21st century living.


It pays to go solar: Current federal and state tax incentives coupled with utility company rebates enable homeowners to recoup over half of system costs! Additionally, think of the money you’ll save every month that normally goes to the power company.


Statistics show that just over 60% of all residential systems sold today are on a lease. There are many options with leasing from a zero down solar lease to a Pre-Paid Lease. G&S Electric will review all the options with you so you can best determine what will work for you.

Solar System Analysis

G&S Electric offer a unique service to test your solar array to ensure it is performing as efficiently and effectively as possible. Using the latest technology of PV verification equipment we can quickly tell you if you are receiving the full advantage of your solar system.